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QRT2 Task 3 Part A
Proposal For Online Expansion
Gaia’s Organic Dog Treats
Sitemap of New Website

Gaia’s Organic Dog
Campaign-specific landing pages



All Products

Blog post 1 and comments Article 1 – Dangers of
Pesticides to Animal

Vegan Dog Biscuits

Blog post 2 and comments Etc.


About Us

Contact Us

The Gaia’s Story
Wholesome Products for Healthy Pets

Email and phone numbers Customer Service hours Site Map
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Bigcommerce platform)

Article 2 – Blueberry
May Reduce Joint
Inflammation In Dogs

100% Organic Meat

(of relevant articles)

Direct links to each major section of the website Cart

Checkout process (connects out to

Privacy Policy
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Our commitment to privacy Links to
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QRT2 Task 3B
Proposal for Online Business Expansion
Gaia’s Organic Dog Treats
New Website Mockup

Home Page

Store Main Page

Blog Main Page

Estimated Costs: Project Implementation


Domain registration,
1 yr.
Bigcommerce comprehensive e commerce and website hosting package, "Gold" payment gateway eCC Desktop


Adobe Creative


Constant Contact email marketing


Explanatory Notes

$19.98 Domain registration for website, and business class email service
(GoDaddy, 2014).
$69.95 E commerce and website platform. No setup charge. Billed by the month. Includes hosting of website, online store, shopping cart, and checkout functionality. Includes full support services (Bigcommerce,
$119.00 Payment Gateway, integrates with Bigcommerce checkout and executes online payment transactions. One time setup fee of $99.00.
Also charges $0.10 per transaction (Authorize.Net, 2014).
$6.95 Application that connects and integrates the Bigcommerce online store with Gaia's internal accounting system, QuickBooks. This allows synchronization of inventory and batch product uploads. Purchased through the Bigcommerce App Store and billed monthly by
Bigcommerce. No setup charge (Bigcommerce, 2014).
$39.99 Cloud based business class subscription to Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. Used by
Gaia's to create visual content. Billed monthly. Price guaranteed for next two years, after which it rises to $69.99 per month (Adobe, 2014).

Constant Contact

$50.00 Cloud based comprehensive email marketing system used to create attractive HTML emails, embed social media features, track percentage of messages opened, allow unsubscribes, manage multiple lists and campaigns. No setup fee; billed monthly. This pricing level accomodates up to 5000 prospects (Constant Contact, 2014).
Salesforce CRM
$65.00 Cloud based CRM and sales platform. Integrates with Constant
"Professional" level
Contact. Provides single source for storage and retrieval of customer contact histories, tracks and manages campaigns. No setup fee; billed monthly (Salesforce, 2014).
Web site design
$6,000.00 Website designer formally partnered with and recommended by
Partner network
Bigcommerce for developing sites based on its platform. May also refine existing logos and other branding material. Includes configuration of web analytics. Estimate is based on looking at pricing for initial site building from several competing designers. Hourly rates average $100 (Bigcommerce, 2014). freelance via
$2,500.00 SEO consultant to create initial list of key phrases, which will then be
SEO consultant recommendation used within the website content. Will also consult on creation of search ads and online ads. This consultant will be retained on an ongoing basis to make necessary changes based on changing