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Alexandra Loza Health Science 2, Per. 1 Due 9/9/2013 Lorenzos Oil Lorenzos oil is the sad story of a couple who will do anything to try and save their son from A horrible disease known as ALD , short for Adrenoluekodystrophy. Lorenzo Micheal Murphy Odone was only 5 years old when he was diagnosed with this leathal disease. It all began when his teachers started noticing weird rage outburst temper tantrums at school. Then he developed more strange symptoms such as hearing loss, not being able to stay balanced , and loss of vision. Its a rare disease that only boys ages 5-10 can have. Its passed down from their mothers but the mom could never get sick because its sex linked her second X chromosome protects her, all she can be is a carrier. There is a 50 chance that carriers will pass down to their offspring, a lottery you dont want to win. Ussually after being diagnosed the symptoms only get worse . It starts off with the tantrums , not staying balanced, having a hard time hearing and seeing and then it turns into not being able to walk at all, becoming deaf, blind, and mute. Lorenzo eventually couldnt swallow his saliva and has to have someone using a pump to suction it out so he wont choke. All the doctors told Mr. and Mrs.Odone that the only thing he had to look forward to was passing away. That never stopped Mrs.Odone from trying to save her son. The first trial treatment Lorenzo went through was a diet that the doctor recommended. The diet took out all foods that had saturated fats. All that did was lower his levels by 50 but after