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But it is not enough.
Which enabled him to lead
Associated with they are often also seen as father figures .
The subject of the case-study, was such a figure in ...
Apart from..... ,Lincoln's style of leadership-simply, direct and compassionate-has served as a model to those who came after him and aspired to lead their fellow the great democratic nation
Slackly lined and touched by melancholy, imparted a
Weak and fruitless
Tempt to
Draw deeply upon the chiristian tradition in the style of leadership he chose to exercise.
In spite of this,
But in the pursuit of

Authority, I believe, stems from..

Leadership is not a tangible thing. It exists only in relationships and in the imagination and perception of the engaged parties. Most images of leadership suggest that leaders get things done and get people to do things, leaders are powerful
Yet many examples of the exercise of power fall outside out images of leadership:
Rather than
Transced their own narrow self interest
No single formula is possible or advisable for the great range of situation that potential leaders encounter.
This view blinds us to the reality of a relationship between leaders and their followers. Leaders are not independent actors. They both shape and are shaped by their constituents.
It is common to equate leadership with position b, but this
Role Employee empowerment
Clarify parameters of authority

Delegation 委派
等等活动被委派给 松散的group working arrangement

2Communication leaders and followers
Slack reporting structures ,weak lines of communication
Formalise reporting arrangements

Streamline the management structure (streamline something(business) to make changes to a business or system, in order to make it more efficient, especially by spending less money )
3、Team-building A