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Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
7 steps taken to produce a successful stock
1. Start in cold water
2. Simmer gently
3. Skim frequently
4. Strain thoroughly
5. Cool quickly
6. Store properly
7. De grease
White stock
Any stock created without adding colour to bones or vegetables
Can be animal based or veggie based
Brown stock
Requires caramelizing animal bones and vegetables, prior to cooking all ingredients in a pot
Most soups can be classifies by cooking technique and appearance as either clear or thick. Clear soups include broths and bouillons made from meat, poultry, game, fish or vegetables as well as consommés, which are broths clarifies to remove impurities.
Thickened soups include cream soups and puree soups. The most common cream soups are those made from vegetables cooked in a liquid that is thickened with a starch and pureed; cream is then incorporated to add richness and flavour. Puree soups are generally made from starchy vegetables or legumes. After the main ingredient is simmered in a liquid, the mixture – or a portion of it – is pureed. Veloute soups are essentially cream soups with the addition of a liaison.
Some soups (notably bisques and chowders as well as cold soups such as gazpacho and fruit soups) are generally regarded as thick soups. They use special preparation methods or a combination of the methods mentioned above.
Categories of soup:
1. Thick
2. Clear
3. Other
2 types of soup within the categories:
Category 1: thick Category2: clear Category 3: other
1. Cream of... 1. Minestrone 1. Chowders
2. Potato and leek 2. Chicken Noodle 2. Bisques
Mother sauces
1. Béchamel 2. Tomato 3. Espanol 4. Veloute 5. Hollandaise

A broth is a flavoured liquid obtained from the long simmering of meats and/or veggies. Broth = meat (usually thinner) Stock = bones (usually thicker) Stocks are great for stews where you are slowly simmering and tenderizing meat. Broths are used for sauces and soups.
In a beef consommé, you are combining the ingredients for the clearmeat, making a hole in the raft to allow the liquid to bubble through, and then straining the consommé with layers of cheesecloth. In a beef broth, you are browning the meant, simmering it ins stock,…