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What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring trance-like state that is characterized by heightened awareness and a higher susceptibility to suggestion than in the normal waking state.
Basically, hypnosis is an altered state of mind where you are actually more aware, more relaxed, and you are more susceptible to suggestions.
What is hypnosis used for? Hypnosis is used for many different things. Hypnosis can be used as a clinical approach for things such as overcoming phobias, quitting smoking, along with losing weight, and much more. Hypnosis can also be used as a form of entertainment such as stage hypnosis and street hypnosis where people are given silly suggestions, from forgetting their name to thinking they’re an alien from outer space!
Do I need to be a born hypnotist?
No, hypnosis is all about confidence and believing that you can do it. At first you’ll be nervous but you have to gain confidence. The only way to be confident in hypnotizing somebody is to practice, practice, and practice!!!!
What is “speed hypnosis?” In speed hypnosis you can easily and effortlessly hypnotize somebody in less than 5 seconds! Speed hypnosis confuses or shocks the conscious mind and slips in a quick suggestion to the subconscious mind to go into a hypnotic state; this is known as the induction phase.
What is a Pre-Talk? The first step to hypnotizing somebody is giving them what’s called a pre-talk. A pre-talk is short talk that you give your “subjects” or clients that tell them a little bit about hypnosis and usually consists of some facts about hypnosis, and falsifies any misconceptions people may have about hypnosis.
What are suggestibility tests? A suggestibility test is a test that shows people the power of suggestion even when you’re not in hypnosis. Some suggestibility tests do not even use suggestion; they rely on the way your muscles move such as the “finger magnet” suggestibility test. This also shows you (the hypnotist) how your clients react.
What is a deepener? A deepener is what immediately follows your induction and is what’s used to keep your client in hypnosis and to get them to go deeper in hypnosis.
How do I quickly hypnotize somebody? First you do an induction then you go to a deepener, at that point you move to your post hypnotic suggestions then when you remove your negative suggestions you move to your awakener. Below are some examples of Inductions, deepeners, suggestions, awakeners, and suggestibility tests.

Arm Drop: The arm drop Induction is a very quick and easy induction so here is what you do. First get your client to sit down and sit on his/her left side. Put your left elbow on your right knee and put your left hand palm up and ask you client to push down on your hand. (Hint: if you want them to push harder than you can push up more) Then ask them to close their eyes and concentrate on their breaths and that on their 5th deep breath they will go into hypnosis. Then when they get to about their 2nd or 3rd deep breath move your left hand from theirs and authoritatively say SLEEP! Then quickly follow with deepener.
Staircase: The stair case deepener is a very basic yet affective deepener to let your client feel relaxed and safe. So here is what to immediately say after you induction word, sleep. “Good, just relax and go deeper down, just relax and as you relax just imagine a staircase with 10 steps. Just imagine what color, how big or small, and even how thin or thick this stairwell of 10 steps is. Now in a moment I am going to count down from 10 to 1 and as I do so just imagine yourself walking down these steps and relaxing with each step and with each number I count down. Good just relax, 10 just going deeper down, 9 relaxing, 8 just letting all those outside sounds you may or may not hear just fade in the background. 7, good just relaxing with each breath and each step down this staircase you have created, 6