Staffing Project Essay

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Staffing Project

Cheryl Karg

February 10, 2013

Staffing Project

AAP has been manufacturing high quality aluminum wheels for companies like Honda, Subaru, Nissan and Volkswagen. We currently employ around 590 employees. We list our full staffing to be between 530 and 600. Our mission is to be the best aluminum wheel supplier in the world in price, quality, delivery and new technology. We also strive to have harmony with both the environment and the community. The strategy for the company in the next three years is to be able to ship over 300,000 wheels a month, we are currently at 250,000. We are also striving to gain new clients and to continue to improve upon the quality of our product. One current problem for our HR department is our rate of turnover. AAP can be a very difficult place to work. Being foundry temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees in the summer time and almost every entry-level job is very physical. Even though we are currently at full staffing we are understaffed and certain positions. These positions are usually jobs that are very hot and incredible physical. Therefore the strategy for the HR department over the next three years is to develop a better strategy for selecting employees for these jobs. The hope is that after we can develop a new strategy we will not have such a hard time keeping these positions filled. AAP hires most of its employees through a temp service or through a standard walk in application. At AAP we try to hire people who will have potential for advancement. Once someone is hired in full time at the company we will place them in an entry-level position. Temporary employees are often hired as temps because they have no factory experience or because they do not have a strong employment history. If the temp can prove through attendance and through strong work performance that they will stick with the company for the long term they will be hired in full time. AAP looks for people with a history of solid work performance. This would include attendance and good references from previous jobs. At AAP we feel we can train anyone we hire to do that job but they have to be willing to come to work and want to learn. We currently run a 12 hour day schedule so it can be quite a lot for some people to handle if they are not used to working long hours. We ask all the supervisors what their department needs to be working at full potential. After this is done we will compile a list of all the positions and the attributes we feel go well with that job. We will then bring in two people for every job listed to hopefully fill all the positions. We will also use the KSAOs given to us from the department supervisors while we look through the applications to see if there is any stand out candidates. One-way I feel we could improve this is to get an updated roster and KSAOs from the group leaders in each department. I feel that using the group leaders and not the supervisors will give us a more exact set of KSAOs. Since the group leaders are directly involved in every operation in the department. AAP has a basic and simple approach to recruiting. However it is also very effective in getting the employees we need. The first thing we do when we need to hire new employees is to put ads in all the area newspapers. We feel this is a good way to reach out to a large amount of people at a relatively cheap price. Perhaps the most effective thing to do is to gathers referrals from our current employees. We currently have a great referral program that will give cash reward to an employee who has their referral hired and stays for over six months. In the age of social networking and the Internet AAP has zero online presence. We do have a website that list what jobs are available but that is as far as it goes. This is where I feel we can improve on our recruiting. A Facebook page or twitter account with employee updates and information on open positions could be a great help. Also