Statement Of My Career As An Information Technology Administrator

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My career as an Information Technology administrator would benefit companies in today’s world by my innovative and creative atmosphere I pose. Possible employers that would be interested in my skill set would be companies that place high emphasis on specialist expertise and lots of specialty roles such as a networking environment. A company such as Blue Cross Blue Shield or a Bank Hub that staff’s IT support for internal customers. These companies to me are well designed and have all the necessary resources to do high demanding work. For the most part these companies have jobs that are well defined and your expectation is clear on your job role as an employee. The work load can be very demanding at times, but is very rewarding as far as promotion and willing to achieve higher positions when advancement time comes. The ability to cope with pressure is a valuable asset to the company who hires me, as you deal with clients on a daily basis resolving issues related to IT support. Adapting to change is also a key part of a company this size because even though you may be assigned to a certain department, it might be that small chance that a co-worker may be sick and you will have to fill in for them on occasion. As a supervisor, that will play an important role in your success in adapting to change and a valuable team player. Organization and being a team player is what most companies strive on to accomplish any mission and you have to have the attitude and willingness to be part of that team if