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Stem Cell Research “Stem cell therapy is like the penicillin of our generation” says Barry Brown, a heart disease survivor thanks to stem cell research. ( Stem cell research is one of the most innovative medical technologies of the 21st century. It holds so many promises for people suffering with various diseases and could give them a new quality of life. Many people think that the research is unacceptable and immoral because of the destruction of human embryotic cells. The belief that life begins at conception is the largest factor standing in the way of embryotic stem cell research in North America. I believe that stem cell research could give significant social and economic benefits to the world and could cure many diseases even though there are significant controversies over obtaining stem cells. There are many diseases that lack a cure or even a beneficial treatment. There is endless potential for scientists to learn about human growth and cell development from studying stem cells. Through the innovative medical technology that scientists have now, a cure may be just on the horizon. Much of the research is focusing on using a patient’s own stem cells to replicate and repair the missing and damaged cells caused by the disease. Other research is looking at directing the stem cells to generate disease fighting properties to battle specific illnesses. When research progresses to the point where treatments are developed for many major illnesses, there will be millions of people that will benefit. These millions of people will then be able to live longer and healthier lives. They will also be able to continue working longer and participating in society. This would be a great economic boost to society as opposed to a drain with more