Stolen: A Short Story

Words: 524
Pages: 3

“I will try,” I lied. I wouldn’t attempt to erase Evelyn from my thoughts. The pain. The suffering. Those tortured emotions. They kept her real, kept her close. I couldn’t let her go. She would always be there. And I wanted her to be.
Mallory gave me a hug and left the pub. She had to pick up Chad before she set up Roberta’s party. I wondered if Chad ever thought about them too. He was never close to any of us before we escaped, but afterwards, we all knitted and weaved together into a pretty tight family. He was a good guy, but as a drinking buddy he sucked. He would only have a few beers and that was after I begged him to party with me.
Freddie was an exceptional drinking pal. Never saw a drink combination he wasn’t scared to try, which would lead him into trouble most of the time. He was a master illusionist when it came to getting girls and the alcohol just enhanced his skills. He always had some wild story about his conquests. I laughed aloud as I remembered and then the pain from laughing stung my chest. Evelyn. Freddie. Even Charles. I found it impossible to adjust without them.
Anger marinated my veins, taking control. Not toward my friends for choosing to return to Unite, but at Mother Country for ruining our lives. The matched marriages. Stolen children. A childhood filled with fear. The fake war.
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She took the thing I wanted most. And with Evelyn gone. Mother Country could take nothing more. I picked up Mallory’s empty glass and launched it at the wall. It shattered just below a red, white, and blue flag. America. New Australia’s best ally. Roberta gave me the flag when I told her I always wanted to go there. At one time I thought I was American. Not so sure if I was now. It was a mammoth surprise when Freddie told me the truth. Mother Country was a poser. A lame communistic society shunned from American land, and like the cowards they were, retreated to the depths of the ocean to do science projects on innocent