Stonehenge Research Paper

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When referring to the Neolithic Age, people tend to generalize its idea about Stonehenge and how it portrays a powerful image of the period. To this very day, it still raises questions about its purpose. Regardless, Stonehenge serves as a monumental cultural significance brought on by the Neolithic revolution. It is without a doubt, one of the most spectacular achievements of humankind. This prehistoric era was the inception of human advancement in numerous ways, especially in agriculture and technology which paved the way to our modern lives we live today.

Before the time of the Neolithic revolution, people would be spending their days living throughout the lands as nomads. They would not settle in a particular place for an extended period unless there was a reason to do so. The tribes of people would construct temporary shelters to house themselves and constantly be on the hunt for food. Transporting anything non-essential would cost them dearly as it could potentially slow their tribe down. As time progressed and the new age came, it drastically changed human life forever. This change
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Since people did not have to worry so much about travel and to have to relocate often, their artwork started to become more common in serving multiple functions. Pottery was used to preserve food harvests from the farms. Later, the introduction of alcohol was discovered and started to be produced. People were able to spend time constructing their homes to their liking, which established an architectural foundation within communities. Followed by a structural basis, came the idea of interior and exterior design which was also discovered during this era. The culture that was ongoing during this time was rallied behind its people, who shared a sense of idealism in which they coordinated together in performing blistering tasks to achieve a higher