Stop Animal Testing Essay

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The Truth About Animal Experimentation

Millions of animals are used in scientific and medical research, including mice, rats,

rabbits, primates, cats, dogs and other animals. They are locked inside cold barren cages in

laboratories across the country. Unfortunately all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next

terrifying and painful procedures that will be performed on them. More than 100 million animals

every year suffer and dies in cruel chemical, drug, food and cosmetic tests, and curiosity-driven

medical experiments (PETA). The Federal government and many health charities waste

precious dollars from tax payers and generous donors on cruel and misleading experiments, even

if a product harms animals, it
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Levin concluded that this

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basically means the animals were about as accurate as "a coin toss "(NAVS).

Experimental drugs and treatments that have been found effective on animal models will

not necessarily work on people. Leading AIDS researcher Dr. Mark Feinberg stated: “ clearly,

if we are going to make medical progress, a new approach is needed. Human medicine can no

no longer be based on veterinary medicine. It is fraudulent and dangerous to apply data from one

species to another. There are endless examples of the differences between humans and non-human

animals”. (whitecoatwelfare) Examples: PCP is a sedative for chimps. Penicillin kills cats and

guinea pigs but has saved many human lives. Arsenic is not poisonous to rats, mice, or sheep, but

to humans it is. “ Animal experiments confuse the issues and their results will never have scientific

precision. There is absolutely no connection between vivisection and human health”.- Arie

Brecher, M.D. (Whitecoatwelfare).

The case of the huge 25-year screening program, undertaken by the prestigious U.S.

National Cancer Institute, illustrates the kind of dilemma possible: in this program, 40,000 plant

species were tested for anti-tumor activity. Several of the plants proved effective and safe enough

in the chosen animal model to justify clinical trials in humans. In the end, none of these drugs was