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Animal Testing for Cosmetics, Why It Should be Ban
Louise Craig
Composition II: English 1200 S04
Joseph Walker

Animal testing began the first quarter of the twentieth century according to Murnaghan, I. (2010, July 20). We began testing on animals because there was an incident where a woman lost her eyesight after applying mascara, which forced the Federal government to create the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The Act was passed by the federal government in 1938, which made it mandatory for companies to test their products on animals prior to making them available on the market. Cosmetic testing has been banned in the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands, yet in the United States testing on animals still continues, which makes animal testing a controversial issue. Most people do not know the harm it causes to animals, or the truths about the tests that take place, which makes them believe that it is okay to test on animals, but it is not okay. People need to be educated on the details of animal testing. It is not humane to test cosmetic products on animals; the pain and the suffering these animals experience is tragic and devastating. These animals do not give their consent to be tested on, they are chose because scientists believe that if we test on them it will be safe for humans to use the products that show no reaction or harm to animals, which is not always the case. Animal testing for cosmetics should be banned, animals should not have to experiencing pain when there are alternative ways to guarantee a products safety for humans without testing on animals.
Most people when they hear the word cosmetics, think of only make-up products, but actually cosmetic products is a merchandise that is used to cleanse, shield the body, and perfume. Cosmetic products include shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, soaps, sunscreen, body lotion, hairsprays, toothpastes and shaving creams. Most of the products listed above are used every day by women and men, and all of the product types listed above would have been tested on animals unless it states otherwise. The chemicals in the products are tested on animals to see if there is a reaction on the animal that may become an issue for humans as well. Not all products are tested on animals though, and usually the non-tested products are safer for humans because they are chemical free. Cruelty Free Brands, a website that educates readers by showing them what to look for explains that products that do not use animal testing will have a label on them that has that states cruelty free with a picture of a leaping bunny. Most people do not know to look for that, and sometimes it is hard to find because the majority of the product we have in the United States are imported in from areas that test on animals. (Cruelty Free Brands) Most of the products that are not tested on animals, are also organic, which means there are no harsh chemicals in them and all ingredients, are natural. Natural products do not have to be tested the same way as chemical products; chemical products can cause more harm than good to the skin, when natural products help nourish. Natural ingredients consist of honey, aloe, fruits, vegetables, milks, and soy, they can be anything that has not been man made; these products are simply from Earth itself. Products with those ingredients may cost more, but they are worth it because they are better for you, and avoid the harsh testing on animals. When people purchase cruelty free products they are purchasing from a company that knows that animal testing is wrong and those chemicals can harm the body.
According to Lad, K, the most common tests that are administered to animals are Draize Test for eye irritancy, Draize Test for skin irritancy, and the Inhalation Test. The Draize Test was formulated by John Draize and Jacob Spines in 1977 for the Food and Drug Administration. (Lad, K. (n.d.). Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry.) The Draize eye irritancy test consists