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Strategic Analysis
Certain brands have dominated the beverage industry. These companies have established their brand name a customer loyalty in many households globally. But with the changing market, opportunities for other newly developed companies has opened up and have the chance to become a game changer. With the opportunity to introduce new products, the dominating companies are forced to think of new innovative ways to remain household names and continue to dominate the industry. Below, you will find SWOT Analysis for the following companies: PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Red Bull, and Hansen Natural Corp.

Company SWOT | Company | PepsiCo | Strength | * Has a broad product line and is not limited to specific drinks (mineral water, orange juice, sports drinks) | Weaknesses | * Slow growth in Japan and Latin America | Opportunities | * Dominate the Japan and Latin America Market Segment with its broad product line that is not limited to carbonated drinks. | Threat | * Coca Cola is the leading carbonated brand company. |

As displayed in the table, the Coca Cola brand is definitely the dominating company compared to PepsiCo. But PepsiCo can help close the gap and close in on Coca Cola by focusing more selling strategies for Japan and Latin America. PepsiCo should focus on expanded their “Brand Loyalty” in those to market segments.

Company SWOT | Company | Coca Cola | Strength | * Overall leading manufacturer * Offer new distribution for products such as Minute Maid, PowerAde, and Dasani Water. | Weaknesses | * Little Market Share in Alternative drinks compared to their carbonated drinks. | Opportunities | * Creating a new product line for Alternative Drinks to be able to compete in that market segment. | Threat | * Pepsi Co is gaining the lead in the market due to the multiple drink types they offer. * More people are leaving carbonated drinks for ore healthier drinks |

In order for Coca-Cola to remain the Global leader, Coca Cola will have to expand beyond the carbonated drinks. Coca-Cola needs to find ways to remain sustainable by offering more of a selection outside of the everyday carbonated drinks that has made them the company they are today. It is time to evolve. Company SWOT | Company | Red Bull | Strength | * #1 Enter Drink Seller | Weaknesses | * Focused on only energy drinks and not expanded to other market segments such as carbonated drinks or water. | Opportunities | * Opportunity