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Organisational Structure
Coca Cola

By looking at Coca Colas organisational structure, the company is made in different division, for example the Executive Committee of 12 company officers. As the structure goes down it is divided into different segments. Such as the Chair of the Executive Committee has the role as a figurehead, this means a leader or head without real power over the company. The chairs are the board meeting. Other executives are responsible either for the major regions, for example, different countries also have important business specialism, e.g. The Chief financial Officer. Also by researching the companies’ ability to connect with local consumers, this will depend on the products and how the company is well structured.
Each of the divisions are organise themselves geographically, this will then recognisee’s its markets, tastes and lifestyle depending from area to area. This will also include income and consumption patterns and markets at different stages of development.
The divisions and regions operate as a business unit, with each director reporting to the General Manager.
However there is another structure for each function e.g. Finance Director in the GB division reports to the GB president, but also to the Finance Director of North West Europe Division. In addition, functions within the company operate across geographical boundaries to share best practice.
The aim and objective of Coca-Cola Company is to provide the best product that they can sell to the public, and create customer satisfaction. To ensure this the company must ensure that all employees are working to their highest standards. The main aim and objective of Coca-Cola enterprises is to be the best beverage sales and Customer Service Company.
Also the aim to never let their standards down, to do this Coca-Cola has strict assessments at each stage of the production of all products at Coca-Cola produce in their warehouses throughout the day.

Functional Areas
For each function there are divided into groups depending on how each perform in the business, for example accounting and marketing, these are also in groups because of their ‘function’ for the company.
The Coca Cola marketing department develops strategies for company brands to ensure that all communication is consistent in every market. The marketing departments are responsible for the marketing the products and advertising the products by promoting them. If these department perform at their best The Coca Cola Company are more likely to meet the objectives.
The finance department of Coca Cola Company is responsible for financial record keeping. This involves keeping records of money received and paid out. The financial records will be used to make reports for the shareholders so that they can see the company performance. Also it’s responsible for the management accounts of the business like marketing etc.
Coca Cola Company is responsible for the packaging of the products. They have to make the packaging attractive so that the products will be eye catching for customers to buy, however bring new packaging is their responsibility. It works with the companies bottling partners an attractive combination.
Coca Cola Company is to coordinate the selling program. Coca Cola also have to make distribution methods, and to decide how much to sell the products also to store the products in a warehouse and to choose the transporting method which is the most cost efficient and the quickest way.
The research and development is responsible for their budget that’s has been given to them by the finance department and their responsibility is to investigate new products. They work closely with marketing by looking at marketing research findings. They also have to bring new products out in the market for consumers not to stick to the same product, but they company can also improve the quality of products.
This department is essential for keeping the business going.