The Sweets Shop: Conceptualizing A Business

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Strategy Plan Part III
The Sweets Shop: Conceptualizing a Business
LaToya Williams
Monday 25, 2013
University of Phoenix

Strategy Plan Part III: Conceptualizing a Business
The Sweets Shop
In today's world, sweets are a tasty addition to use for gatherings such as weddings, birthdays, parties and meetings. For weddings and birthdays, the most important dessert is the cake. For meetings, the most common desserts are donuts, tarts, Danish, etc. They are also used as snacks and treats for people that may just have a taste for something sweet. There is not a question that sweets are the most common foods people turn to when having special events going on that incorporate a specific theme. The Sweets Shop will provide unique treats and desserts specific to a customer’s unique request and desires. This paper will provide a complete over view of the business concept for The Sweet Shops. This will provide a description of the shop’s mission, vision and values, the products and services provided for the customers and how The Sweets Shop will be set apart from any competitors and compelling reasons for customers to buy the products over others.
About the business
The Sweets Shop will serve as a local bakery that supports the specific desires of our customers in reference to baked goods. The shop will provide special themed products such as cakes, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, etc. The shops will also provide specialty products such as sandwiches, beverages, quiches, flavored nuts and etc. The shop will also provide catering services for special events such as weddings, meetings, parties and a plethora of special occasions for customers with special event themes. The shop will be an essential addition to the Sugarland area, located in Sugarland, Texas.
The Sweets Shop will provide the residents of Sugarland, Texas with fresh-baked cakes, cookies, etc. on a daily basis. All sweets are scratch-made from locally sourced ingredients. The Sweets Shop will carry a line of gluten-free products and a line of dairy-free products, as well as other efforts to maintain sensitivity to special diets. The shop will have extended hours, beginning at 5 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m. each week day. The shop will provide service to locals on their way to and from work, as well as maintaining a casual, drop-in environment for late evening visits and daytime fresh-baked goods. The shop will also provide catering service to service special events and occasions. The shop will hold monthly promotions that can help customers take advantage of special pricing all throughout the month. The mission of The Sweets Shop is to enhance the business. This will be done by providing the highest quality bakery products and treats and the best possible services to our customers. The Sweets Shop will continuously improve all aspects of the business in order to sustain the long-term success for ourselves.
The Sweets Shop will be living proof that caring, integrity, hard work and innovation at all levels creates success. The overall vision of the shops location is in a high paced business area. The interior of the shop will consist of bright colors that will represent the shops unique theme. The exterior of the shop will be a sign that consist of the shops name, The Sweets Shop, and a classic rainbow lollipop. It will also consist of a test tasting area, a gallery of all the products that will be sold in the bakery. The shop’s statement represents the vision of helping people obtain their specific needs and wants when it comes to treats, desserts, snacks and beverages. Within two to four years, another store will open depending on the demand for the products.
The value of The Sweets Shop is to focus on the specific needs of the customers. In order to do so, the shop employees must actively listen, respond quickly and be honest with the customers. The shop will always act with integrity, passion and enthusiasm. The shop will instill in