Street Art Essay

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Street Art

Jose Antonio has decided to paint a graffiti on an old mechanics shop downtown. He begins his work by walking along the two walls available. He stares at them from every angle possible. Antonio then picks up his sketch from a box full of Ironlak paint cans, looks at the sketch; then grabs a light-colored spray can. He now walks up to the wall and begins painting. As he does this he glances at the paper in his right hand while he paints with his left. He walks as he paints moving from left to right taking side steps as he goes. He finishes the sketch on the wall and takes the pink spray can with his paint-stained hands. At a slower pace than before Antonio gets close to the wall and begins to fill the inside of the sketched letters with a bit of pink. He moves his body from left to right and his hand from top to bottom. His hand and body movement uniformly shades in the letters and shapes. He then sets down the pink, picks up a dark brown, repeats the same process, and does the same with the white paint. Antonio now picks up a light yellow can and with even circular motions he filled in the sketched bubbles with color. Jose now grabs the black paint and outlines everything with it. He moves in a careful and steady manner. This time his hand moves from middle to top, then down, and back to the middle. His hand does not stop moving from the moment the first black drop of paint lands on the wall to the last. Again, he goes from top to bottom painting diagonal lines from the corners of the letters and shading the spaces between the outline and diagonal