Structure Fire Essay

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Reducing the Spread of Structure Fires



This paper gives an overview of just a few of the ways fire companies can help limit the spread of a structure fire. A few factors to take into consideration that are discussed here are ventilation, nozzle type, and time. Along with the ways that these concepts can help reduce the spread of a structure fire are ways that, if used incorrectly or misjudged, can greatly worsen the situation and the behavior of the fire.

Reducing the Spread of Structure Fires

Structure fires can spread very rapidly if proper precautions are not taken. Fire companies have a variety of actions they can take and many factors to
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If used incorrectly or without proper planning, this can worsen the situation and cause the fire to spread even more. (Fornell, 1991, p. 105-111).

One huge factor that plays an important role in limiting the spread of structure fires is time. Generally, the faster fire companies can get to the fire and begin suppressing the fire, the less time the fire has to spread. Getting to the fire as quickly as possible, can greatly limit the spread of fires, however, fire companies need to be aware of the threat and take proper precautions before jumping right into the fire. Not taking proper precautions and having poor judgment can result in unnecessary deaths and injuries. Also, fire companies need to be able to assess the fire and its behavior in order to provide the best techniques to limit the spread of the fire. Not doing this could result in extreme fire behavior that can become increasingly life-threatening.

There are many actions fire companies can take to limit the spread of structure fires. Ventilation, nozzle type, and time are only three factors which should be taken into consideration when trying to limit the spread of structure fires. Although each of these can be extremely helpful to consider in the event of a fire, they need to be used correctly and with good judgment so that not to worsen the