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International students’ living and study in the UK


Studying abroad has become a popular thing around the world. There are more and more people to care about the life of the students who study abroad. The topic of this research is about the international students’ living and study in the UK.

Analysis of the research

In order to understand the students’ living and study conditions in the UK, I gather information from my 10 classmates (6 males, 4 females).

Do you usually go to the library?

Nearly 60 percent of my classmates would like to learn or find some information to go the library more than twice or once a mouth. This shows that the library is still their main place of obtaining the literature information. However this kind of situation is still not very good for international students. If students not usually go to the library, they will lose a valuable resource.

Do you think it is important to go to class on time?

Most of students know that it is important to go to class on time. This is the respect for teachers and themselves. Students should take the problem seriously.

Do you think that the homework is useful in your study?

All the students obtained knowledge and benefit from homework. Homework is useful for everyone. Homework will review and expand what they have learned.

Do you prefer study in a group?

This model not only can communicate more effectively between students, but also train team spirit and students' cooperative consciousness. This model can cultivate a good quality that students would like to listen to the views of others. Each member wants to help each other, learn from each other, and listen to the…