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29 February 2012 Italy

Discover Italy a view at night, a view at day. It's spectacular anyway. From the Grand Canal in Venice, to the fabulous stores in downtown Milan. Italy is amazing place to go to there is lot of stuff you can learn about Italy. The fashion is really different from the U.S they have lots and lots of different styles then the U.S does. When you sit down to have a dinner or lunch there is a lot of food you’re having, there is a lot of verities. In Italy there are a lot of wonderful places to go to if you go there. Italy is the best place for vacation because of the culture, fashion, and food. In Italy the religion is mostly Roman Catholic in contrast to the United States Italians has a lot of religious churches. “Northern Italy is spoken in the border region between Italy and Switzerland.” (2) Most Italians are 90% Roman Catholic the other 2% is manly compressed with Jews, Muslims, orthodox, and eastern rite Catholics. They speak many languages all over the country and in the churches. The faith roles in the Italian life. In Italy the pope is not only the head of the catholic churches but the bishop of Rome and the successor to Rome first bishop. The art pieces around Rome are mostly about their religion and the gods. Almost all Italians are baptized but only 40% are practicing Catholics. While religion is one tradition some of the traditions in Italy are always involving family. All of the Italian traditions are much different than the U.S because they have special foods and special stuff for every holiday and tradition and for every family. You will always have somebody around for the holiday. “There are many celebrated holiday in Italy separate from the national holiday in Italy. In the ancient roman empire at one stage. There were 182 celebrated holiday in Italy.” ( In Italy there are more social to everybody on every holiday, there are traditional foods for every holiday and tradition. Some of the holidays in Italy are: April 25th is liberation day, august 15th ferragosto- assumption day, November 1st all saints day. All of these holidays are in Italy and they celebrate them. The tradition and holiday also come with lots of different foods to prepare and have. The food is prepared in sections and in a order. The meals are made up by “antipasto” then “primo” a rice or pasta dish, next the main meal and its usually white or red meat, then vegetables fries and salads should be separately. After the main meal is done then comes cheeses, breads, salami, or other cured meats. Lastly are the sweets which are desserts or fruits. Finally in every Italian meals there is an espresso or a liqueur of some sort. The table manners in Italy are just a little different from the United States or other English speaking countries. Italians eat with their forearms (not elbows) resting against the table. Its considered rude to keep your hands in your lap. There are food festivals always happening in Italy but, there mostly in the summer. Italy is the fashion country. Italy are always one step ahead in the fashion world. Rome is the 4th most important center for fashion. Its an instrument of social redemption of what one wears. “Italian fashion reflected Italy as a land of art, beauty and love.” ( Italians take fashion for individuality to make a difference on themselves. Andre suares said “fashion is the best form of farce, though nobody laughs because everyone takes part.” Everybody has different taste in fashion. Most people also have their dislikes and likes about their clothes and how they look. Some of the schools in italy have uniforms because they are mostly catholic schools. The social relationships between Italian people is very different, they also connect in different ways. They go places with friends and go to sport events; visiting cities etc. “Italians much prefer