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Student Assignment
Name - Sandeep Singh (300768784)
Placement – Tim Horton
Date – 6 March 2015
Manager – Kasturi Work Schedule
9am – 7pm
3pm -10pm
2pm – 10pm

As my first week started there was an orientation about the activities performed in the bakery department with introduction to all products and equipment’s which we are using and giving us a little information about our duties and responsibilities and the company standards which we have to follow. This job is quite different from other baking job in the market but still I like it. The first task was to watch number of series on a IPad which will give you a basic Idea what you are doing, how you are doing, what are your standards, answer to the question which will be foreshore arising in your mind after watching the video and the common mistakes or wrong things done while baking. After watching the series you are almost ready or have a basic idea what to do. On my first shift in baking area I was assisted by the one baker who show me all the stuff like how to make different donut, different meat stuff like egg, sausage, turkey, steak and many more things. Furthermore the baker told me about different temperature required to make different product and what type of things we can put together in the oven and can bake together and what are the reason behind that. As well as she showed me different types of cross contamination that can be happen during baking like using the same baking sheet or touching the different product by naked hands or touching one product and touching other. She also told me about some techniques by which how we make our goods more appealing and attractive. Side by side we also have to check our show case that thing shouldn’t be empty while we are baking and we also have to do the stock up for the next day. Moreover we have to maintain full cleaned surrounding in the area where we are working like washing everything at the end of our shift, washing each single tray and pan used for keeping food or used for baking. Washing different equipment’s which we used during our shift. Also clean the oven check its water supplies at the end of the shift. We also have to keep record of the things what we are doing in the bakery department like to write quantity of product we produce and also put things on the waste sheet or the things which we throw in the garbage or which was not made according to the standard. This help us to check the cost of production and other things. We also have to do an hourly temperature of different commodities that we are making as well as the production which we have to do on an hourly base until we are closing the bakery section. Even if the company introduced any product in the market we are the first who will receive it and we will check our account on iPad giving us instructions or video about how to make the product. We also have to clean up the cooler and freezer whenever we have time. Till now I have learned so many thing not only about bakery but some other thing which will help me in my personal and professional life like team work, following instructions, showing respect to others in workplace, trying our best to make our guest happy, and maintaining standards, following rules and regulation and maintain a proper decorum on the workplace. By working here I came to know about the things like how people work to give more than 100 percent of their share in work, how they tries to do anything to make their guest happy within their limits. As well as I learned about different temperature required for different things and how different equipment are required to keep them fresh as long as possible. The major damaged caused to food is by cross contamination by us. So it help me to see that how easy we can cross