Student Athletes Should Be Paid

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Student athletes, the unpaid professionals
Student athletes are the people who attend to a university and play sport representing it. In general, they have really good sport abilities and they practice like professionals (2 or 3 hours depending on the sport). This is important because they spend a lot of time in their daily life doing sports and then they should be good students, if not they can lose their scholarship. The NCAA says that this type of athlete must be amateur so they cannot earn money, but knowing the amount of money they make earn to the colleges and the preparation and time that the sport requires for them make overthink this rule again. The mere fact that the NCAA strongly opposes forcing a rule that prevents anyone being paid for their work, it is a sign that if the rule was not there, would be paid. Everyone should have the right to earn money that they worth, at least be able to ask for it, and if not worth much they do not pay them much.
Another Argument is that it makes no sense that a player is not paid for what he plays, but the university invest that money in indirect benefits in the
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To highlight this fact, a coach of college football or basketball can earn much more money than those of the professional leagues. While growth in these revenues goes to players. Leagues in university programs can multiply its value at the expense of the free labor of their athletes.
It is incoherent, in economic terms, not paying college athletes for the work they do. Separate chapter is the social consequences. And it does not feel that senior managers NCAA apply this overwhelming logic. On the one hand, some people look bad and immoral process payroll rewards for sporting and non-academic reasons within the university structure. While on the other side there are some who believe it would be good to elite college athletes are