Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Play Fair College athletes should not be paid for playing a sport, they should be treated just as what they are which is students. Just like high school students don't get paid for playing instruments and playing sports either. Is it fair to pay for play, or should athletes and students be treated the same?
College student athletes should be treated just like that, as student athletes. When schools begin to pay student athletes as if they're professionals playing for the NFL or NBA, it takes away the student title and turns them into employees. NCAA stated “Student-athletes are not employees, and their participation in college sports is voluntary.” Just as it is voluntary to play the sport, it's also voluntary to attend college. Those who attend school may receive academic scholarships; however, they're not getting a paycheck for going. The purpose of attending college is to receive a further education that may also help you for your future career, some athletes could be playing a sport for the love of their hobby and scholarship opportunities. NCAA also stated, “Many student athletes are provided scholarships and many other benefits for their participation.” With this
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“Over the past 25 years, more than 70 percent of college students have worked while attending school”, found Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce. This being said, it's not fair to students who have no other choice but to work 30 hours a week making minimum wage. College athletes should not be paid because there's a numerous amount of students paying off loans because they didn't receive a scholarship. Big Future College Board stated “Approximately 57 percent of financial aid dollars awarded to undergraduates was in the form of grants, and 34 percent took the form of federal loans.” Meanwhile you have athletes receiving scholarships and getting paid for playing a