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1. My legal rights and responsibilities at a teacher are to not lie in an interview just so I can get a job. Another responsibility is if I see a case of sexual harassment I should report it immediately. I believe I have a right as a teacher to make my own choices about my lifestyle. I also have a responsibility to make sure I’m not negligent while I’m working. Another right in some states is the right to strike if I find certain conditions at the school unfair.

2. A time when a teacher addressed these rights was when one of the teachers at my old school’s job was threatened because she was going to move in with her boyfriend. They told her she needed to not move in with him and if she did she wouldn’t have a job there anymore. She decided to quit and got a job at another place. Another time when I observed a teacher address these rights and responsibilities was when another teacher at a school I used to go to had trouble with sexual harassment. One of the teachers witnessed it and immediately reported it the principal. The teacher who was accused of sexual harassment was asked to leave his job immediately.

3. I think it was wrong of the school board to suspend the teacher because of her lifestyle choices. She was obviously good at her job and well liked. And she seemed to be having a positive influence on the kid. I don’t think it’s fair to suspend someone because of this. By doing this it teaches the kids that it’s ok to judge someone based on the lifestyle choices that they make.

4. Before reading this chapter I never knew that there was a distinction between misfeasance, nonfeasance, and malfeasance. Now I know that they all deal with specific failures by the teacher. I also learned about fair use. According to the book, fair use is a legal principle that allows the limited use of copyrighted materials without written consent or payment. Another thing I learned from this chapter is the Buckley Amendment. This Amendment allows parents to and guardians to access to their children’s educational records. I never knew there was an amendment for this. I just assumed that parents were allowed to see their children’s records.

5. These learnings are significant because it’s important for me to know a lot of things as a teacher, even the things that may seem insignificant. It’s important for me to know who’s allowed to view a students records and when they are allowed to view them. It’s also important that I fully understand fair use so I can tell my students when it is appropriate to use copyrighted materials. It’s also important that I know the difference between misfeasance, nonfeasance, and malfeasance so I can better understand what’s going on if I’m ever put in a situation that involves teacher liability.

6. I agree with the teacher in this situation. If a student keeps getting in trouble over and over again sometimes something more needs to be