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Guadalupe Barajas Julie Blackmon
English 101
Concept Essay
14 October 2014
The concept of a restaurant comes into mind as natural place to eat and also hang out with family and friend. Many people usually hang out in a sit down restaurants, fast food restaurants, and malls where there is a whole varieties of restaurants, in many cases it is place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.
Restaurants where many people interact socially with each other. This is a patterns in which the interaction of culture with different life style, hang out place where all the classes are not divided, many people feel part of belonging. Restaurant business is a place where most people are socializing and having a good time. Restaurants has been in for decades, many of the cultures had in the United States is One trends that is consider now part of this culture at large is “Fast Food Restaurant,” Today there are at least three to four fast food restaurant are located in each block in a city. Restaurants are located in every major street of the United States. The street are bombarded with restaurants ads. For example, many of the ads are usually in bus stop, billboards, and the most recent is a human being doing a trick with a large board. The restaurant which had to do with any type of restaurant. For example, fast food and sit down restaurant. Of major restaurant fast food ads of all kinds. These restaurants are located within blocks from each other. The fast food that the most popular are McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Carl’s Jr. just to mention a few. Now in day ‘restaurants especially fast foods is part of every one’s life style. This industry had grown tremendously in the last fifty years according to
The Restaurants part the food industry that is growing in the tremendously in the last fifty years. One of the most popular chain of fast…