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“ With great Power comes great Responsibility,” words given to Spider Man by his wise Uncle Ben in Spider Man the Movie (2002). Even though obtaining personally responsibility of the mistakes a student might omit, students must understand the importance of obtaining and applying this skill in an academic environment. Responsibility is the first and most important step taken in successfully accomplishing a goal, and doing so proves that they are a mature person.

Personal responsibility is defined as a skill in which students takes charge of any personal tasks, academic goals, or any issues with no supervision. They must not only desire personal responsibility, but must also want to apply it, as proven by all the choices we make and the outcome of those choices. This was best interpreted by a quote from Play Writer Jean Babtiste Moliere (1622-1673) “It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we don’t do”. Brushing ones teeth or taking a shower is a great example. No one else needs to remind or force them to complete these. A student must desire the self accomplishment of these daily tasks, unless they want the negative consequences of not brushing ones teeth or showering, having a nasty body odor or a smelly breath. Therefore, a student has forced upon himself or herself negative responsibility of smelling bad. Therefore ask yourself, what is more rewarding? Being lazy and smelling bad all day, or being responsible and accomplishing these simple tasks?

Having goals plays a very important role in relation to a student’s academic future. If they do not take on the responsibility of completing an assignment on time or completing it all, they may receive a bad grade. Ones choices and outcome of those choices are based upon student’s responsibility levels. A personal goal cannot be accomplished by anyone aside from the individual who has declared it they’re goal. Therefore, a student who wishes to be personally responsible has initiated the responsibility in choosing to be personally responsible, whether they want to apply this or not they must think of the prize that comes at the end and use it as motivation. No one takes charge of personal responsibilities that are not they’re own. Explaining the reason why they are referred to as “personal” responsibilities. Only the individual can shape his or her academic future and influence others by applying this skill.

There are many methods to practice personal responsibility in regards to education. For example, supposing students know they’re class is 15 minutes away, and 25 minutes away when traffic is present, students should act responsible by checking any possible resources at least 1 hour prior to class on whether there