Industrial Development From 1865 To 1900

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There were many contributing factors that promoted the industrial development of the United States. But two that had the most impact from 1865 to 1900 was both labor, and business management. Labor was a large contributor to the promotion of industrial development. With large amounts of labor abundant from migration and immigration into the states, this allowed manufacturing to increase in the amount of products produced per day. With the migration of many Russians and Greeks, the amount of immigrants increased daily. With this never ending supply of workers, industries thrived with producing their products, and with the want from the country for their products, this promoted the development of the industry. Business management also had a huge impact in the promotion of industrial development. The management was the foundation of each of the industry, and in the end decided the success or the failure of the business. Many of the managements of these businesses treated their workers poorly by making them work long hours with little to no pay. This made the life of the urban industry workers hard and tedious because most lived in or below poverty level. At this time of mass immigration the idea of nativism erupted. This to Americans meant that if you look different from us, you don’t belong here. With this idea, the people did not care about the treatment of these people, in the end still becoming successful and was major promotion. But some managers took care of their