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An essay consists of paragraphs and paragraphs include movement to transfer the writer’s ideas to the reader. The reader enjoys traveling in the essay sometimes when she is interested in it. In order to make the reader focus on the essay easily, paragraphs might be the flow of information, logical connections among ideas, and repeating important term and information. There are four basic techniques to achieve flow in writing. These techniques make an essay easier to read and understand.
• Use Consistent and Logical Characters
Essays unlike stories have logical characters to describe something or explain the ideas. To make the writing clear, the writer might say directly whatever she wants to say with more active characters. This is much better than using abstract characters. When the writer writes passages untidy, they seem lack of flow. In order to write successful paragraphs, we should focus on using logical and sensible characters.
• Use Pronouns and Other Pointers
There are some short and humble words in English such as definite pronouns, possessive adjectives, relative pronouns, and relative adjectives. Experienced writers like to these words unlike inexperienced writers. These little words point, in their respective ways, to something already named or known before. The writer needs to review the original noun anytime to make sure object and subject in the right place. When the writer needs to repeat the antecedent, these words allow us to understand it. These pronouns and pointer gives powerful effects and they make the passages more flowing and sophisticated. Therefore, pronouns need to match their antecedent. This situation is so common. When we use pronouns and pointers, we should be careful to write flow passages.
• Use Punch Lines
Punch-line technique is used for setting up a joke and delivering to readers a memorable phrase. Punch-line structure is same with the technique which a comedian uses to make audiences laugh. The technique helps readers to understand to the topics and makes the passages interesting or surprising. Using punch-line technique makes the essay remarkable and flow. The main purpose of writing passages is to forward the writer’s opinion to the reader. With this technique, the writer might attract reader’s attention to the topic and the reader absorbs a lot of information without feeling overwhelmed.
Introductory Phrases
Introductory phrase is a technique which begins a sentence with an introductory prepositional phrase or provides other kinds of contextual information with