Students For Good Grades Essay

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If you could get paid for having good grades and attendance, would you put in the effort? If you had a job, would you want to get paid for your hard work? SIRS database reports that schools are experimenting with giving money to students who have good grades and attend school every day. People who support this decision, say incentives will motivate students to attend school, focus on their grades and study. They think that if schools did this in poor and low income neighborhoods, students will want to go to school and get an education. People who are opposed to giving money to students for good grades, say that It would be sending the wrong message to students and will just do it for the money. They believe that giving money to students will take away …show more content…
The schools and programs that are testing it out have seen some improvements in grades and attendance. This paper will examine viewpoint, one, two and my viewpoint on paying students for good grades (SIRS). To begin with, viewpoint one believes incentives can motivate students to learn. For starters, earning credit for good grades, gives students motivation to achieve higher scores. Firstly, giving students in low income neighborhoods rewards for working hard, gives them positive outlooks and motivation. For example, Dong Jin Oh, journalist for the Chicago Tribune, shares that Kudzoo, an app that rewards students for good grades, motivate student to maintain their grades and improve them. The app has been tested in Chicago schools and they have seen some positive improvements in grades. Bringing positivity to the negative (Oh). Thus, this point proves that when you reward students for hard work, you see a big difference in school performance and grades. Secondly, students who were paid for good grades excelled in tests. For instance, Jay Mathews, journalist for the Washington Post, reports that money