The Importance Of English Writing In English

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It is absolutely essential that students in many other parts of the world learn English. Thailand is no exception to this unspoken rule. Because of the fact primary schools in Thailand have been teaching English for years, students should be relatively proficient in English knowledge. However, that does not seem to be the case for a majority of the students. That is why it's vital for schools to start putting a stronger emphasis on teaching Thai students how to speak and write in English. Ultimately, this will help them in both their professional and future endeavors. Generally, English fluency holds the key for Thai students to succeed in a global environment.

1. Rote lessons

Problem: Many schools use a simple rote instructional method that students must follow closely in order to receive passing marks. Teachers are typically the instrument through which writing lessons are passed from a broader source, like a curriculum or publication. English grammar and conversation lessons may simply be comprised of a worksheet or list of rules with examples that
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Beyond that, teachers needs to create opportunities to write in practical English form. A great way to address this would be to require each student to write a daily personal journal in English. By taking the emphasis off formal writing and putting in on establishing practical writing skills, Thai students will seek out ways to better express their personal feeling and thoughts in a manner that an English speaking person would understand. With an eye towards the future, teaching high school level students to write resumes and fill out job applications in English could also go a long way in giving them much needed writing experience, plus it gives them an opportunity to understand why English skills might be important to their