Willimam Gerosoan Founder Of Debt Slavery

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Discussion 5 1. Willimam Gerosoan founder of anti slavery
His preface said he encouraged some stuff abt slave
He was an American abolinitiosit, special for of anti slavery
He was a cokasian man and was a founder of anti-slavery
He was WHITE-----Improtant to Curry
His book proved that…….
Argues for abolition….

2. HE wrote the book himself
His father was WHITE
Whats the purpose of this book? To show the real evils of slavery so ppl could join the abolitionist movement for slavery.
To persuade ppl who kno nothing abt slavery.

3. Stuuf abt the author
He was born in Maryland. Made escape a lot easier. The slaves are treated better in citites compare to slaves in plantation.
Maryland-the treatment tht slaves received was not bad as ppl received in the south
Slaves were treated worse in the deep south compare to north

4. Impact of religion on slaves OWNER?
Used proof text frm bible to justify stuff abt salvery
Slaves weren’t allowed to learn read and stuff (literacy)
God and Jesus said nothing abt Slavery
Education is a dangerous thing

5. What does douglas said abt cruelty?
Dependent on owner
Some owner were nice compare to other who were messed up
Slavery was punishment…..too much to type

6. What abt the slave song?
Songs reflected sorrow
Songs were coded complaints abt slavery
A lot of songs were abt wht was gonna hppn l8r (heaven and stuff, afterlife)

7. Was Douglas a criminial? Did he violated US Constitution