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Cskills Awards L6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations Management – General

Personal Statement

Manage the performance of teams and individuals in construction.


To manage the performance of teams & individuals within Company I create an analysis of my current work load by producing weekly updates of the Projects office programme of works. From this I produce a high level plan and integrate my requirement for resource with other project managers.

I look at the resource requirement in a logical order, the first being the design (detail drawing), followed by production and then the site installation. Having carried out this analysis I, for example discuss current workloads & capacity with the design team & prioritise their work load for the coming week. This process is repeated with the site installation team. Discussions are held with the site team supervisor & other team members, regarding potential work methods, potential health & safety issues, plant requirement, site specific & client issues. The appropriate risk assessments & method statements (RAMS) are then produced by either myself or the Project Engineer. If the works are health & safety critical or of a complex nature the RAMMS are produced by the Project Engineer & reviewed by myself.


Work is then assigned to the relevant trades, giving start dates and finish dates all work is then monitored for progress by the Site Supervisor or myself, labour levels are also monitored on a daily basis by each trade signing in to a daily attendance log, these are reviewed regularly, poor progress due to low labour levels is addressed immediately.


Work assigned to the Site Supervisor is done by setting achievable and timely targets not so to over load the Supervisor with work. The Supervisor is given sufficient freedom to complete his work as he deems necessary with the additional support of myself, sometimes I suggest the best way to complete the task at hand.


If the Site Supervisor or working Supervisor is tasked with attending any Site Safety meeting he is then briefed prior to the meeting and advised of what notes he