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It is 12 o’clock, May 13,2033, in Chicago. I am walking along in the street. It is a rain and cold day,’

Ben----How sad music it is. I remember last time I came here I was a successful, but now I lost every thing. My wife divorced with me, she took my son away and married the other guy. My boss fired me, because of losing 1000000 in stock market. Yes, I am a loser, a completely loser. A completely loser. It is the time to end my life.

Aside----as this moment, a lady came up to me, she looks like 40, with a long black hair and a aice smile

Alice---- Hi, I am Alice

Ben---- I’ m Ben

A---Ben , Ben what

B----Ben loser.

A----wow, perfect name, I saw you drinking a lots of beer ,tell me whats happen ?

Aside--- I saw her smile that make me feel comfortable , and i decided continue to talk with her

B---i am a loser, i have nothing now. You know 2 mouths ago, I have every thing...

A---Are you married?

B---Yes , but just divorced

A---So your children.....?

B---A 10 years old son, with my wife. I had a great family, beautiful wife , a smart boy. I had a company before. I think i am really successful. I have Every thing that i want. A big house, a luxurious car. The damn economic crisis.

A----I’m so sad to hear your stroy. But you know i could’t find a job when i graduated from college. I spent all the money to find job, i shared my room with my friend .I had a hard time .

B----how did you over cross?

A---My friends help me a lot , they help me find job, and change my life

Aside--- We talk a lot ,