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Chapter 1
1. An example of a simile found on page one is “awkward as a clown.”
2. Elie desires to study Kabbalah.
3. Elie gets help from Moishe the Beadle.
4. Moishe is a foreign Jew, and was in the first group to be deported.
5. Moishe says that while he was away, Jews were loaded onto trains and taken to a forest, forced to dig huge trenches, and once finished, the Gestapo men killed them. Moishe saw extreme pain and torture. He managed to escape by miracle.
6. The townspeople don’t believe Moishe because they think he either, only wanted their pity, that he was imagining these things, or that he had gone mad.
7. Elie’s father is President of the Jewish Council.
8. Elie and his father have a semi-close relationship, despite his father’s commitment to the community.
9. The Jews were first sent to one of two ghettos upon the arrival of German soldiers.
10. An example of a simile on page 15 is “Our backyard looked like a marketplace.” An example of a metaphor is “They woke with a start, torn from their dreams.”

Chapter 2
11. They receive the news that they are not staying in Hungary and they are going to be in Auschwitz.
12. Eighty people ride on each train car.
13. Madame Schachter imagines she sees a fire.
14. Madame Schachter’s vision is an example of foreshadowing.

Chapter 3
15. When they arrive at the camp, Elie’s family is split up. It is the last time he sees his mother and sister.
16. The advice Elie and his father receive from a camp prisoner is to lie about their ages.
17. When asked, Elie says his occupation is a farmer.
18. Those who are skilled workers are taken somewhere else and are probably forced to do dangerous work.
19. An example of a metaphor found on page 34 is “My heart was about to burst.”
20. As they are nearing the crematory, Elie and the others recite the Kaddish or the prayer for the dead.
21. The new name Elie receives at the camp is A-7713

Chapter 4
22. Any prisoners who had gold teeth or crowns had to have them removed from their mouths.
23. At the factory the men are treated well, and were lucky compared to the other prisoners.
24. Elie temporarily manages to keep some of his teeth because he tells the doctor he is sick and will return, but when he does return, he says he is still sick.
25. The people who disobey the rules of the camp are beaten or killed. Some were even hung in front of the entire camp.
26. The hanging of the “pipel” stayed in Elie’s mind because he and the pipel were so close in age and he was disturbed by a child being hung for something he didn’t do.

Chapter 5
27. The prisoners celebrate Rosh Hashanah by praying together in the Appelplatz.
28. For Yom Kippur, some of the prisoners fast, and the others do not because they have lost their faith, and also because fasting is very dangerous in a concentration camp.
29. Elie doesn’t celebrate because his father told him not to, and because there was no reason to. He had accepted god’s silence.
30. The advice the blockhead gives the men before the selection is to move their limbs and give themselves some color. He also said to run as quickly as they can without looking at the SS.
31. When Eliezer’s father believes he has been selected, he gives Elie his inheritance; a knife and a spoon.
32. Akiba Drumer is chosen during the selection.
33. Elie and his father promise Akiba they will say the Kaddish for him in three days when they know he will have passed. They forgot their promise to him and did not keep it.
34. Elie went to the doctor because his foot was swollen due to the cold.
35. The prisoner next to Elie in the hospital believes Hitler has kept the most promises.
36. Elie and his father decide to leave with the evacuation because they thought the people left in the infirmary would be killed.
37. The literary device that this decision is an example of is foreshadowing.
38. The head of the block orders the men to clean the barracks before leaving so that the liberating army knew that men lived