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Theology II


Unit 2 Study Questions

Pg 42
To say that the church is a mystery is to say that our faith can be expressed in many ways.
The church is the “focal point of the Kingdom’s presence” because it is through the church that the will of god- the foundation of the kingdom- may be most reliably known.
Pg 45
This phrase expressed their understanding of the role of the church in God’s plan for the world. From the creation of the world, God has intended human beings to share in divine life.
The Holy Spirit was given through the father and son while bringing a variety of gifts to the church. God remains incarnate because he is with us.
Pg 46
The church is necessary for salvation because Jesus is necessary for salvation. Without Jesus, there is no salvation.
An example from the recent news in which the church had to speak out is the problem with ISIS.
Pg 55
The Ten Commandments is the constitution of the church.
The Magisterium is the teaching authority of the church.
The Magisterium’s role in interpreting scripture and tradition is the moral teachings and doctrinal which have been passed from generation to generation.
The Magisterium has served non-Catholic Christians by teaching them moral teachings and the church teachings.
Every Catholic is responsible for learning and embracing this ethic.
Moral teachings don’t change because they’re most important.
The church wants to teach moral behavior to everyone and the role of the laity is to work together to preserve a permanent ethic and to give it life.
Your knowledge of absolute truths help you speak with one voice that unites people from all places.
Pg 62
The central image of the Body of Christ.
All images of the church relate to this one because they all connect to it in some way.
Pg 66
The attempt to reconcile or blend the beliefs and practices of various religions into one.
Their role as God’s chosen people was to make Jewish faith relevant under Roman rule.
The Jewish communities maintained strong ties to the Palestine. As Jewish merchants traveled to these places, they shared the good news.
The church as the vineyard of God shaped the life of early church because it relates so well to the church.
Pg 70
The common belief was that Christianity was antisocial.
The church leaders didn’t want Christians to join the military. So some Christians left while others didn’t join the military. Military officers tried to get them to abandon Christianity and if they didn’t they would be killed.
There was love among all citizens, women and men were welcomed into the church, and charity.
Pg 74
The emperor was convinced his illness was a punishment from God, so he allowed Christians to practice their faith. Later Constantine won a battle and the symbol was put on the shields and hats of soldiers. The edict of