Essay on Success: High School and Elizabeth

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The one important quality that a student should possess is to be well rounded. Elizabeth is earning high grades and is part taking in extracurricular activities which is making her a balanced individual. The type of person Elizabeth has the potential to be is a hard working women that care about making a difference in this world. Elizabeth might be part taking in the Make A Wish Foundation; helping enrich the kids suffering from life threatening illnesses or involved in a foundation for teacher advancement called Carnegie. Elizabeth likes reading, kids K-6, Sudoku, Jeopardy, and is family oriented. She does not like going out partying, drinking, smoking or watching too much television. Elizabeth should be very concerned about what to do after high school graduation because she controls her own destiny, whatever she wants to do, she can do it. She needs to enroll at a very good public/private university where she can excel and expand her knowledge in her field. I believe she wants to major in education, because she is taking AP English and is tutoring students in elementary school. Elizabeth is not only doing it to spice up her college application, she is doing it because that is what makes her happy; making kids eager to learn.
The Four Collages Elizabeth got accepted to are: * University of Maryland at College Park * Towson University * Michigan State University * Penn State University
These four universities are known for some of the best liberal arts program in the country. MSU is at the top for providing some of the best teachers in the country. Elizabeth should to peruse a degree in education, because she is already showing an interest in teaching and is a well speaker/writer (AP English).
Three decision criteria’s Elizabeth should use when choosing her college are: * GPA * Tuition cost * Academic Reputation
The GPA requirement is very important, because schools use this technique to figure out