Sucess: High School and Success Essay

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Success Essay for UC APP and Common APP.

Imagine if everyone wrote their own self-defined meaning of success in the Webster’s Dictionary. The endless variety of unique definitions would inhibit the dictionary to be one single book. We all want success, but seek something different from it. Having money and power are perhaps the common (or primary...) illusions people think of when it comes to success, but for others, there is a deeper meaning.

As a high school student, success to me is admission into my top choice school. I aspire to attend a college that will allow me to grow, inspire me to take risks and reach my full potential. Such an institution would make my mother proud and allow me to begin my own life, which to me I consider success. To determine where I might best thrive, I toured campuses and took college classes this summer to experience the true college feeling. To continue on my path towards success, I have overlooked the infamous "senioritis" and have remained dedicated to my schoolwork to continue preparing myself for the next chapter in my life. As I graduate high school, I want to carry on my devotion to my success with me in college. My understanding and interest of classes are the main factors for my success in college. It is crucial that what I take from my college experience will be tangible for my future profession, applied in everyday life and mold my future perspective of success that will continue to push me forward rather than to plateau.