Suicide In High Schools

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Teenagers die all the time though suicide, but those who commit the act home alone are often forgotten while those who kill others as well as themselves are never forgotten. The amount of suicide in the United Sates have tripled over the past sixty years, causing concern for some. Every week in America an average of twenty- eight students make the decision of suicide and continue through on the act that is about four student suicides per day. One student says that she did not want to commit suicide, because she wanted to die but as a cry for help. High school is a difficult time for teens- the changing of hormones, stress, etc. Hamilton High School has lost four students to suicide. Along with a few other school they are trying to prevent more of this sad occurrence. Many times no one seems to notice that there is something wrong with the suicidal individual. For example, Two hours after lifting weights with his Physical Education teacher, Jeff committed suicide; The Physical Education teacher said that he had not suspected anything. About one in seven students reported that they had seriously considered …show more content…
During this day an authority figure challenges the students to accept other students, and they show the students that if they are going through a hard time that they are not the only ones. These challenges are used in hopes of teaching the students how to accept on another better or more efficiently. Another program that some schools have is called helping hands. Some of the classrooms or offices have handprints surrounding their doors, telling the student that the adults in those rooms are willing to drop everything to offer assistance if needed. One other program that a few schools now offer are surveys. These surveys are done anonymously and the student can make one about themselves or someone they fear may commit