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Summary: JJ. Ramberg believes that employers should be allowed to ask employees for their Facebook passwords. Ramberg believes this because employers should know more about their employees such us what they do on their personal time. It will be better to know what they are doing sooner rather than later such as anything that can be considered illegal. Employers will have a more in depth about who they might be hiring. This topic was a big issue since not so many employees agreed to share their passwords because they felt it was an invasion of privacy.
Thesis: He believes he should ask job applicants for their Facebook password.
Support: The author supports his claim by stating that he should be able to know everything he can about a potential employee to protect the interest of the company. He gives an example of having a daycare. He feels it’s a good idea to check their Facebook to see if they have a history of being inappropriate with minors so he will know not to hire them. To the author checking a Facebook account falls into the same category as a background and credit check. It’s all about safety and security issues and the liability they create for a business.
Warrants: He also states that people looking for a job they should not think about it as invasion of privacy but as a way of the employer knowing who they are. If a person believes something is truly private they should reconsider before posting it up on social media. The author claims that nothing is truly private once it’s posted on social media no matter what privacy settings you have. The author thinks that no one should believe that social media companies keep everything private. People shouldn’t think that companies want to invade their privacy in the contrary they are trying to protect themselves.
Conclusion: In this article the author only concentrates more on his opinion and just supports his idea with facts or opinions from other resources. He gives good examples to try to persuade people or employers to believe in asking for passwords to their social media. One of the weaknesses of his argument is that he doesn’t involve the opinions of other people who are against sharing their Facebook password with employers. At the same time he does put himself in…