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Writing Assignment #1-Summary/Response JianPeng Liu Summary and Response of “Online Friendships”
In the article “Online Friendships,” where appeared in Current health 2, author Jan Farrington states good things and bad things of online friendships about teens. First, she uses some information to show us that teens spend a lot of time to connect their real-world friends online. And then,keeping online is such a good thing for teens, where it can easier to keep in touch with their real-world friend,also,it can shorten the distance between who are in different places. More,it can reach out and develop other relationships. However, online is not always neighborly,sometimes, daily arguments will continue online, and will affect others. Moreover, teens need to keep eyes on the strangers online who are approaching you. Furthermore, Jan gives some tips to let the teens keep safe online. In her article “Online Friendships”, Farrington illustrates how important online friendships are for teens. In my idea, an online friendship is so important for me too. As an immigrant, I didn’t have friends when I came here. The way I made friends was chatting online via msn and kept touch with my friends in China, but making friends online is dangerous and hard to make true friends. So I gave up making friends online and change to chat with my friends who I known many years. We talked a lot about daily life in both countries, during chatting, we known what happened