The New Science Of Siblings By Jeffrey Kluger

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Minh Phan
ENG 0309
03 March, 2015

In his article, “The New Science of Siblings, “Jeffrey Kluger presents research about how siblings influence each other. The first research study that Kluger explores is interacting of sibling through daily life. Young children fight their younger brother and sister all the time but the good point about it is they actually practicing their conflict solving skill. Although when it comes to mom's favorite, they tend to be side by side with each other to take the best advantage from their mother. A sibling is or isn’t your best model because it depend on their age gap; the closer they are in age the more likely the younger one is to resist their older sibling's habit due to extra experience from life. In addition Sibling of the opposite sex can affect whom you marry due to guys who had older sister had more involving interactions and were liked significantly more by their new female acquaintances. Last but not least are those early bonds can grow stronger with age because full-blown childhood cries may forge even stronger lifelong links. As me and my brother grew older, our bond became more strong because we wanted a happy family, communicate more frequently, get along with each other
The first thing of what we want is to have a happy family with our parent because we wanted to gratitude our parent for taking care of us during our child time. My parent is not born in a rich family or powerful authority in society. They have to work hard to maintain living for a family of four peoples. My brother and I stop fighting each other ever since we understand the value of sibling as we age. I am so glad that my brother and I can be on the same page to stop the conflict that drove my parent crazy all this time. Therefore I start to cooking dinner for my family because it is how our culture show love to each other. My brother is not so good with kitchen, so it is best for him to take us out to restaurant. We're working toward to see the day that my parent smile; when they realize their children is not kid anymore. However we also want to build a strong base of morale for us to start our new family in the future. We now tend to spend more time with our family to maintain the house's cozy. By that we are able to get experience to help craft a second happy family later on. A nice and warm family is not the point to build a strong bond between siblings; brother and sister naturally come closer after a long period of time living together.
The second want is to increase frequency of the communication between my brother and I because we need to understand each other more. It is not that we don't communicate enough; we just want more of it. It starts when communication is the reason that we fight all the time during our childhood. As a kid's mind, they will never think about sit down and