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Current Article Summary
HCS 325
September 21, 2014
Steven Fowler

Healthcare is one of the most talked about issues, not only with social and economic reasons, but also for the rising cost that comes along with implementing new technology in the healthcare field. While more Americans are being covered by the new healthcare reform, other Americans are forced to face the reality of paying higher insurance cost. Most professional organizations are liable to pay for at least half of their employee’s health insurance; others are faced with the realization of cut backs and downsizing. According to "Health Care Statistics" (2014), ‘The amount people pay for health insurance increased 30 percent from 2001 to 2005, while income for the same period of time only increased 3 percent.’ While it would be an honest answer to say that respectively, this hits a global issue, America is not used to what the new healthcare reform has brought about. The healthcare reform was not as successful as most Americans would have hoped, others who could not have afforded health insurance before are able to do so now. Many see this as a hopeful beginning, while others see it as a misguided action. When employers are able to cut back employees hours without hesitation, or down size in the amount of employees that they have without thinking, many employees are stunned by this action and how they are just being used and not fully taken care of. This information affects not only a young family such as mine, but also affects the ones that have been affected by the downsizing in organizations. The healthcare reform has put a do