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Whether the reason is good or bad, every war has a purpose. American wars have been known for fighting for change. In 1860, the civil war was fought between the northern American states and the southern American states. The north did not agree with how the south was proceeding economically through slavery. With this being said, when the country was expanding westward, another controversy came up on whether or not the states would come in as slave states or free states. Also the north believed more in federal rights and the south believed in states rights. With all these disagreements between the north and south, the civil war was bound to happen. After four long years of fighting, the war was over and a difference was made. The civil war had altered the United States. The war had changed the United States socially, politically, and economically. The civil war had changed the United States socially. The addition of the 13th 14th and 15th amendment by President Abraham Lincoln had changed America by banning slavery and giving the right to be a citizen to whoever was born in the U.S. Regardless of race, any male had the right to vote after the civil war, where as before it was any male who owned property could vote. After the civil war, it wasn't completely an equal country, but the opportunity for the common man was increased tremendously. After the civil war, America had changed socially. The civil war had changed the United States politically. Now that all males had the right to vote , all politicians had to appeal to African American citizens. And after the civil war, black citizens now had the opportunity to run for office. Now that the war settled the question of federal government over states government, political thinking moved away from regionalism and toward nationalism. Another political aspect to recognize after the civil war was the establishment of the Freedman's bureau which was the first social welfare agency. That would mean that taxes would have to continue in order for the federal government to make money to give to the social welfare agencies. Not only did the legislative branch of government get effected after the civil war, the jurisdiction of the federal courts expanded. It can be concurred that after the civil war, America had changed politically. The civil war had altered United States economically. The South was defeated and had to be rebuilt. The freeing of the slaves and the horrors of Reconstruction further hindered the growth of the economy. The South's economy was wrecked. But the Civil War paved the way for us to become an industrialized nation. Industries need a strong national government to protect them with tariffs, to open up new…