Trip to summer Essay

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Trip of the Summer

Finals were finally over! Although the season of summer had yet to begin, summer was officially here for me. This was the perfect time to plan something to really start this summer off great. However, little did I know the planning had already begun. A couple friends of mine mentioned taking a road trip to the city. Listening to this statement, I immediately was disappointed because we always go to Saint Louis. After a little more discussion I slowly became more interested because the city they were talking about was Chicago. With little notice my two friends Sam and Jordan quickly arrived to my house in Wentzville, Missouri. I finished packing quick because I was so excited for the trip of the summer. Before leaving to Chicago my friends and I decided upon flipping a coin to see whom the unlucky winner was to drive. This was already an unfair battle because only Sam and I actually have a vehicle. I slowly reached for a quarter on my dining room table. My fingers could feel the rough surface of the quarter as I asked my friends to choose a side. He picked heads, and as I tossed the quarter in the air all I could hear is the feint sound of the wind as the coin was flipping around. The thump on the ground was surprisingly loud considering I had carpet floors. The next thing I saw was the fact that I would be the driver during this trip. We entered my car and the journey had officially begun. I grasped on to my steering wheel tightly and watched the cracks in my driveway for the last time for what hopes to be an exciting two-week adventure. Noticing right away that my car was nearing empty in the gas tank we immediately stopped at a gas station. Upon opening my car door I felt a gust of wind almost slam my door shut back on me. I then looked upwards into the sky only to notice what seemed to be a cluster of clouds coming in our direction. Although being at a gas station with plenty of fumes for my nose to smell, I could definitely smell moisture in the atmosphere. I knew I needed to fill up my car quickly and try to outrun the storm heading directly towards us, but luck fully from behind. We quickly exited the gas station and began our journey on Highway 70. Almost instantly I could hear a loud boom. The last thing I wanted was to drive in horrible weather in what I thought was going to be a great start to summer break. My friends were edging me on to drive faster so we did not have to worry about bad weather. This actually sounded like an awesome idea to me so I slowly pushed on the pedal and was gaining speed. Although I did not plan on going too fast I watched as my speedometer was nearing 80 mph in a 70 mph zone. As I continued driving, all I could notice was the increasingly louder noises of the vehicles as I was passing them. Until once again the thunder made its presence, only this time I could see lightning in my rearview mirror. As it flashed in quickly and almost lit up the entire sky, I could feel my hands tighten on the wheel as I slowly began to press on the pedal a little more. I knew I wanted no part of this storm and outrunning it would only add to my adventure. As my friends and I were nearing Saint Louis, I noticed that the sky was clearing up behind me. We thought the storm was probably parting ways. Jordan came up with the idea to stop off somewhere to gather snacks and drinks. As he was mentioning that I could feel the rumbles in my stomach acknowledging that it clearly agreed with his statement. As I was driving my two friends decided to closely examine the signs along the highway so we could find a nearby gas station to gather our snacks. I began to slow down as taking my exit off the highway and pulled in towards a nearby Quiktrip. Jordan and Sam ran into the gas station to gather a couple bags of chips along with a few energy drinks. I decided to grab my Iphone from my pocket and hold down on the home button. As soon as the screen made its smooth waves I