Summer Haze Essay

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This is one topic I think about a lot, how I’ve changed or as I like to put it, bettered myself. I like talking about this because in the past couple of years I have noticed a huge change in myself. Over this summer is when I’ve really just realized it. Usually when it comes to writing assignments in an English class I have a hard time figuring out what to start it with or what to even say at all, that’s what I love about writing things I’m interested in or can relate to; I can write about it with lots of though and interest. So first of all let me tell you what I did this summer. My summer was half terrible but the other half was the best summer of my life. I’ll start with with the beginning. So I have this friend. He is a big part in my life and a big reason in my change. Adam and I met each other about a year and two months ago. I know that sound like a short time but it feels like my whole life that I have known him, and I hope there are lots more to come with getting to know him. He has taught me so much in one year even if he may not know it. When I met him last year I was this young gullible girl looking for puppy love. Every summer I stay with my Grandma most of the time, in Morehead. This is where I met Adam. Well after having this “summer fling thing” with Adam, I had to go back home to Warsaw, two hours away from Adam. He hurt me many time since then but has also changed a lot, in a good way. But every time he hurt me I learned a little something new and helped him a little more. I learned a lot about boys and their game but I also learned a big thing, I learned to love myself! I also learned that love, no matter what kind of love, is real when you learn to not want just yourself to be happy, but when you really just want the other person to be happy and know help them love their self. I’ve learned to also love like Jesus does and it made me really understand Gods love. Some of this story may sound bad and make me look ignorant but has taught me so much and made me the person I am today. Also it showed me that people really can change even if you can’t change them you can help. My next story involves losing a friend but also making