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In this essay I will explain how I do and can support the nation and military community. I can support the nation by doing volunteer work. The way I do support the military community is by playing soccer on base, because when I play soccer I have to pay for the uniform; which the money is most likely used to pay the people who work on base. If I was old enough I could also get a job and give some money to charities and to companies that need it.
My dad is in the military, so I support the military community. If he was not in the military then I wouldn’t be a military family. The only good thing about my family being military is that I do not move around a lot. The bad thing is that when my dad has to be stationed somewhere else he is the only one that has to go to the other country or state. Since my dad is in the military I can also support the nation, because if no one was in the military no one would be there fighting for our nation.
When I get older I want to be a surgeon, which that helps the nation by saving lives. If I do not become a surgeon; I am going to go into the military. I would rather be with anything that involves being a doctor, but if I cannot be anything that involves being a type of doctor I want to still be able to help the nation in some way.
I would love to help support the nation and military community, but since I am too young, I cannot really do anything to support the nation. If I was old enough; I would do volunteer work, such as picking up