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Susan B. Anthony was a women’s suffrage activist in the late 1800s. Alongside Elizabeth Cady Stanton she developed the New Departure, a women’s
She delivered the speech, “Is It a Crime for a U.S. Citizen to Vote?” on April 3rd, 1873. The speech starts with Anthony sating that all citizens, no matter their race or gender, have a right to vote according to the Constitution. She addresses the issue of the government controlling the people and reminds Americans that the people are meant to have a say in government affairs. Susan B. Anthony pointed out that none of the grand documents state that the government has the power to create or confer rights, and the documents do not bestow rights, merely list them, for they are God-given rights. Anthony tells the people to take back their right to pass or dismiss laws. She said that when joining a nation, you do not give up any of your personal rights, but come together vowing to protect the rights of others. Susan B. Anthony brought up a point that is still used in debates today, that the Constitution says “We the People”, not “We the White Male Citizens”. She is quoted as saying, “Women are people. To be a person is to be a citizen, and to be a citizen is to be a voter.” Susan B. Anthony’s fight for women’s suffrage is tied into the civil and voting rights of all Americans including the fight for black rights occurring at a similar time in history. She was arrested for “violating the 14th Amendment” but she showed that any