Susan B Anthony Analysis

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Parallelism is a very powerful use of writing in English Language. It shows contrast in the sentences and comparison between to subjects. It is usually used in speeches or articles that are discussing a major points or issue found in the nation. For example, Susan B. Anthony’s speech for the freedom and rights of women in America.

In the mid 1800s, Susan B. Anthony gave a speech regarding the rights of women, and different people in America. This speech was given after her arrest in 1872, for illegal voting in the federal election. Susan B. Anthony was a great inspiration to women, and many diverse groups of American people in the U.S. throughout her speech she shows multiple parallel sentences, that I will share and quote for you throughout the text.

The Fist quote is “It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union.” (Susan B. Anthony, In 1800s) The sentence shows parallelism when she divides the subjects by the words “not we, or nor yet”. With this the sentence flows, as she compares and contrasts the people in the statement.

The other quote I have chosen is “To them this government is not a democracy. It is not a republic. It is an odious aristocracy; a hateful oligarchy of sex; the most hateful aristocracy ever established on the face of the globe; an oligarchy of wealth, where the rich govern the poor.” Here Parallelism is shown when she is comparing the kind of government