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Objective 3: Increase market awareness over then next 3 years.

Social Media:
Posting fun video to YouTube, it could be a tour of the PSO, the aim is to introduce the PSO to the public, the projected audience group are the people who are interested in the event like kids and opera, once they research the key words, the videos will come out, it will bring very positive market awareness to the PSO.
Create Facebook Fan Page, posting news and interesting stores happened in the PSO. People can share their experience in the PSO and leave commons which are very helpful to improve the whole theatre’s appearance, after making positive changes regards to those feedback, it will also build up a good market awareness in the public.
Advertising in the TV and Radio. TV and Radio are still the most popular social media as they are extremely easy to access by everyone, kids and parents. Advertising during the school holiday or few weeks before that will easily increase their interest of visiting the PSO, time by time, the market awareness of the PSO will definitely increase.

Rather than attracting the target market group to come in, the PSO could pull out its service to the relevant organisations such as schools. By using school as its agent to spread the information about the PSO to its students and their parents. Hold a function for school or provide the school discounted price to suits its special event might easily get the market awareness increased.