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Talent Management

Develop Applicant Pool

HR will manage the initial talent pool in order to provide hiring managers the most qualified applicants available. As candidates submit applications or resumes they will also be prompted to take the behavioral assessment test. HR will than evaluate the submission from these candidates by first evaluating the application / resume. A list of qualified candidates will be created that will enter the pool for each job submission. Applicants with the minimum qualifications will be ranked lower than submissions with a greater amount of experience and or credentials (certifications or advanced degrees). This ranking system will be purely objective. A pool of qualified candidates should be maintained regardless of position openings.

Once a position opening becomes available the applicant pool needs to be assessed and narrowed down.

(This step may only be necessary for critical positions.)
A quick prescreen phone interview will be conducted by asking a couple questions evaluating the candidates interest in the position and assessing their ability to meet the minimum job functions (KSA’s) listed in the position description. The same questions should be used for each job group and the interview should be brief and take no more than 15 minutes. This screen can also be used to address questions about red flags in the application or resume.
The candidates will be ranked by their qualifications based on meeting the minimum job functions and KSA’s of the position description.

The most qualified candidates will have their behavioral assessment scored and ranked against others based primarily on job performance, retention and customer service.
The final list will be then given to the hiring manager for review. The list will have the most qualified candidates available ranked by taking qualifications and the behavioral assessment into consideration.


The hiring manager will than decide which candidates to interview. The interview will be conducted by the hiring manager, a representative from HR trained on interviewing techniques and a third party with a vested interest in the position. The third person may only be necessary for critical positions.
The HR representative will go over notes with the other interviewer(s) highlighting the candidates application / resume, behavioral test scores and phone screen (if conducted). The group will then discuss any red flags found and come up with an interview strategy.
The interview will be conducted from a structured list of questions that will be used for all candidates (can very based on position). At the end of each interview the group will go over their notes and discuss their evaluation of the candidate. Each candidate will be given a grade.


After all the interviews are conducted the group will have a final discussion about the candidates and determine the most appropriate fit for the job. Each candidate will be discussed briefly again highlighting the why and why not’s the person would be a good fit for the job. The hiring manager will have the final say although the group should be able to reach the same conclusion.


After the candidate has been selected HR will oversee the process of hiring by ensuring all necessary background clearances, pre employment testing and new hire paperwork is completed.
After all of the necessary paperwork is complete the new hire will be able to come on board. HR will work with the hiring manager to develop a start date for the employee and prepare them for their orientation.
General orientation, computer training and departmental orientation will then be given.

Initial Review

An initial review date will be set based on the classification of the employee (generally 90-120 days).
The new employee will fill out an evaluation form based on their initial experience and how well we as an organization have done giving them the