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Reference (9) is a blog that I found which looks specifically at colour and shape. It talks about the significance of colour and how companies will often use certain colours to try and sub-consciously symbolize something to their target market.
This is something that the customer will hardly ever notice and simply look at the logo as portraying the company. However, for every logo that is created a lot of thought is put into thinking about what colours should be used and what this portrays. Another thing that I noticed while looking at many different logos, was that circles are used a lot when it comes to designs. However reference (3) says the complete opposite and says that when it comes to designing a logo rectangles work best because our eyes find it a lot easier to work our way the shape. They then go on to say that they also work better when it comes to TV and the web. This is controversial because from simply typing ‘logos’ into Google images most of the shapes seem to be circles.
Black = authority and power, stability and strength
White = purity, cleanliness, neutrality and peace
Red = attention, energy, movement and excitement
Blue = calming, steadfastness, dependability, wisdom and loyalty
Green = growth, nature, money, good luck, generosity and fertility
Yellow = laughter, happiness, optimism, speed up metabolism
Orange = fun, happiness, energetic and ambition
Purple = Royalty, wealth, prosperity and sophistication

Reference (12) states that logo design “is not a beauty contest”. Instead, a logo needs to stand out in the market with its competitors, so rather than trying to make the prettiest logo, companies how need to make sure they portray their companies’ identity so that people will pick them over the competition. When I done my interview with a graphic designer he also agreed with this view, but explained it in a different way. He said that a logo’s job in today’s society is to primarily identify that company so that it become instantly recognizable when consumers see it. The Nike tick identifies the brand and whenever people see the tick they automatically associate it with Nike but people also know that it symbolizes performance, athletic, ‘just do it’, sport etc. Both the secondary source, and the primary research that I done had the same view when it came to whether the logo should portray the companies identity. However, at the same time Nike has built their name up over the years with a lot of hard work and this is what many smaller companies, that aren’t so established, struggle with because they don’t always put the time and effort into getting the logo and brand known. Reference (5) says how the logo needs to relate to the business in some sort of way. Whether that is though the colour scheme they use, the font or the image etc. This could then lead to the consumer thinking about the product or service they are offering without them even realizing it. All three of these sources agree with each other when they say the logo definitely needs to have some sort of connection. Otherwise, when it comes to remembering what that logo is about or what they are offering to you, you won’t be able to remember. This same point seems to come up in every one of the questions that I have asked. That if the logo isn’t memorable then your brain is unable to make that connection between the product and the company and this is why the job of a logo is so important.
The Main Messages Or Ideas Behind The Campaign
The main message behind this campaign is to get everyone urgently to lose weight by either; running miles, joining a sport and basically not being lazy. There is no answering back in this Advertisement campaign as you have to ‘Just Do It’!
What Just Do It mean is that they want you to just do it! Don’t think twice, don’t have second thoughts and don’t be lazy just get up and do fitness. The campaign wants you to stop procrastinating and start exercising!
Who Does Just Do It Target